Monday, October 3, 2016

Oh, October

And just like that, you blink, and months have hurried past in a blur. Quite a bit has happened since I had the opportunity to post! Even saying this, I just arrived home yesterday from a week in the New England area (specifically Mass. and Connecticut).

Here's what the Doomsquad (my family's nickname) has been up to--from my perspective, at least.

June begun with the passing of my Grandfather in an unexpected trip to the hospital. He was there for a few days when we realized...t reeling from my Grandfather passing away, June passed in a hushed manner. After the funeral, my family slipped away to Myrtle beach for a much needed week of...quietness.

Following Myrtle Beach, I snuck out of Charlottesville on a spontaneous weekend with my friend Samara for a little blessing straight from the Lord. I was so weary (especially emotionally), and the Lord ministered to my heart through my quiet times in the sweet mornings, and with life-giving conversations with this dear heart. 


July found us flying around as we packed in the summer activities. We spent July 4th at my grandparents cabin, celebrating our Independence with family, It was a bittersweet time, considering out last trip there was for Grandaddy's funeral. His chair just doesn't look the same without him in it.

**I will also add that it is such an incredible blessing to have a generous cousin who doesn't mind sharing his boat with our family! We have been so blessed by him and his family, as we got to watch fireworks ON the lake!**

Next up was the ThinkWell Conference. It was a fantastic week, FULL of incredible teachers (including Del Tackett from The Truth Project)--specifically for training teens how to defend their faith. Topics included the validity of the Bible, Spiritual Disciplines, Living out Christianity in Today's culture, and SO much more! Our Church is earnestly praying about doing it again next year! As Admin for our church, I was running around like my hair was on fire...but I loved it. ;)
July also held the CRAZY weekend roadtrip to New Orleans that my sister Charlotte and I were able to go on, accompanied by our dear (New Orlean Native) friends Catherine and Kayla. We popped off to Nashville to pick up Kayla (where she lives), and then headed down to NOLA. What a crazy, amazing, tiring, food filled weekend! I am ready to go back! p.s. Beignet Donuts from District Donuts are so worth every mile of driving. True story.  

(French Quarter, NOLA)

August found me struggling with some continued health issues. All summer I struggled with unexplained fatigue, turning colors, and feeling really lethargic. Yet, amidst my discouragement, the Lord greatly encouraged my heart and gave me strength. I found such continued JOY in my walks, continual encouragement through conversations, and felt the Lord's presence surrounding me as a shield. (August was also full of a LOT of baking)

(Downtown Charlottesville, Va)

Filled with the anticipation of cooler weather, September arrived like a long lost friend. Birthday's, leading a Girls Book Study, working, and caring for the day-to-day tasks...the hands of time ticked quietly by.

My reminder of the Lord's Faithfulness

Some of our favorites!

I traveled up to Massachusetts and Connecticut towards the end of September to visit some dear friends, hold LOTS of babies, and kidnap Rachel to come home for a few days! Our little Spudnut turned 16 on September 30th, so our activities were centered around gearing up for our Fall-themed party! What an incredibly sweet few weeks....and how tenderly cared for and provided for I am by my Heavenly Father. My sustainer, financial counselor, and giver of Wisdom! All my travelings, my baking projects, my surprises, my conversations--all filled my heart with the encouragement of Christ. How sweet it is to trust in Him, to press close under the safety of His wings. 

(My email buddy Korrin and I)

 There are always so many things to add--so many stories to share--but (as usual) I've probably already swamped with you with covering the TINY bit that our summer included. All I can say is...I am continually humbled at this life I have been given. Through heartache, struggles, health issues, financial struggles and doubt--Christ is there. Through joy, laughter, provision, strength, encouragement, and new friendships--Christ is there. No matter where I am, how I feel, or my circumstances, Christ IS there. He gives me the greatest, most memorable adventures. And Summer 2016 was no exception. ;) 

Here we come October!

Furthering Friendships in Spontaneous Ways ;)

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