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So, I realized in the last few years that there are so few good books that when you find one, you kind of want to tell everyone you meet about this amazing book! In a nutshell, that is basically what this page is. These are just books that I'm reading right now, and as I find more, I'll share them!
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Encouraging Reads

Rose From Brier by Amy Carmichael
One of the best books I have ever read, Amy Carmichel presents us with one of the sweetest gifts: encouragement. Penned specifically for those who are frequently ill, "Rose From Brier" is filled with short chapters of poems, stories, and lessons learned as Amy herself is frequently ill. Each chapter starts with a small poem written by Amy, and honestly, I have cried frequently because I know they were each written by a women who was in pain, frustrated with her own weaknesses, but loved the Lord more than herself. Some of the same lessons God taught Amy are the same that I am learning. If you are frequently ill, struggling through health battles, or even need a little source of sunshine through a time of suffering--I would 100% recommend this book.

A new E-magazine that a dear friend of mine just recently put out. It is directed toward young women, and will *Lord willing* be out every quarter! In this issue, Tai talks about what REAL love looks like, "Myths about Christianity", Modesty tips, a short devotional and what it actually means to become an Unshakable Woman of God. Take a peek! It's free! :)

Unshakable Girl By Tai Sohia
A book written by my dear friend Tai, again, directed at Young Women. In this book, Tai walks through the struggles and pulls of the world that girls today face--and how to cling to Jesus despite everyone else around you falling. In a series of to-the-point chapters, Tai addresses topics such as the importance of using time wisely, how important prayer IS, daydreaming, guys, fully surrendering, and the importance of doing everything in a manner that is pleasing to God--even your TV watching. I just finished doing this book with 3 young ladies as a book study and would highly recommend it!

Through the Narrow Gate by the Sky Family. This is a book also written by dear friends of mine! Taking a closer look at the 10 commandments and Jesus powerful Sermon on the Mount, this book expands on how truly narrow the Road of Life is--yet how it IS the only way to life! "As we see how far short of God's will we have fallen through distraction and neglect of His word, it drives us to God. No hopeless legalism here. As we see our great need for a closer walk with Jesus it compels us to the Throne of Grace where we find mercies poured out on those who sincerely desire to live "Godly in Christ Jesus." God thankfully does not require us to be perfect, but He does require us to be perfectly honest. As we come to Him in humility and repentance, we truly become revived.(excerpt)"

How I Know God Answers Prayer by Rosalind Goforth
Written by the wife of Missionary Jonathan Goforth, this book was written specifically to recount the testimonies of answered prayers. Rosalind, herself, was a woman filled with the Spirit of God and longed for Christians to hear and understand just how BIG God is--how worthy He is of our complete trust in every aspect. Enduring the loss of Children, persecution, and serving China at a time where they were continually on their knees, Rosalind truly was able to learn how God answers prayer and continually learned to trust him. I love how she even writes about her own doubts, even when her husband was steadfast in faith--her own failures as a human. Yet, this book is just incredible story after story of provision, protection, strength, comfort, peace, endurance, AND victory. "There is nothing too great for His power, and nothing too small for His love!"

One Holy Fire by Nicky Cruz
From the same author of best-selling Run Baby, Run, Nicky Cruz once again shares a rare and inside look into his life and his own ministry. After many books and years of ministry, Nicky thought his ministry days were winding down, only to have a direct message from the Lord that his days were just BEGINNING. With an earnestness for others to actually understand how the Spirit of God operates, Nicky shares true emotional testimonies, struggles and even complete failures. From "hit and run" evangelism on desolate ghetto streets, to stadiums PACKED with people eager to hear hope, Nicky captures an incredible picture of how God is living and active today. From the conviction of the Holy Spirit falling on witches, drug lords, prostitutes, gangs, mayors, and even entire cities--this book encouraged me so much. It stirs my heart to see the power of God poured out in my own city, in my own family, and in my own life...so that others might know HIM--the all consuming, Holy Fire.

Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
This is one of the sweetest allegories I have ever read! It is almost like a female "Pilgrims Progress" journey, as the girl 'Much-Afraid' follows her Good Shepherd to the High Places. This poor girl--full of fear and physical deformities--leaves all she as in order to be with her Master. On the perilous journey to the High Places, she comes face-to-face with her fears, her doubts and her struggles. The sweet Shepherd teaches her all about what TRUE Love is, TRUE humility, TRUE Trust and TRUE Joy. As Much-Afraid follows, sometimes stumbling, she finds the sweetest treasures and a new name waiting for her! Based on "He has made my feet like the hind's feet, and makes me walk on high places." ~Hubakkuk 3:19~

Mountains of Spices by Hannah Hurnard
An encouraging sequel to "Hinds Feet on High Places"! As (formerly Much-Afraid) Grace and Glory begins her ministry in her home valley, she comes across the challenges of being rejected, unwelcomed and criticized for following the Shepherd. She meets the Shepherd daily, and in a series of lessons, He teaches her lessons comparing the spices in Song of Solomon to the Fruits of the Spirit. Every situation she faces, there are new Fruits to be shown--even when it seems impossible. Grace and Glory, with her constant companions, labors in Love so that all might know and experience the Joy of knowing the Shepherd, and being known by Him! And with her Shepherd's sweet aid, a beautiful transformation of a formerly desolate city takes place! A really sweet story that takes a fresh look at the Fruits of the Spirit.

In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon
I love this book. It is literally a book depicting what it would look like if a whole town lived with the motto: "What would Jesus do?". As Rev. Henry Maxwell is pastoring a congregation in Raymond, he challenges his flock to go one year, making every decision based on "What would Jesus do?". The effect is astonishing. It begins with a dedicated few, then sweeps the entire town in a wave of purity, love and ACTUAL righteousness (not SELF-righteousness). Through struggles of fear-of-man, convictions, taking a stand for morality, and even leaving all to follow Christ,  it is a reminder for us to continually asking ourselves--"What would Jesus do?"

Missionary Biographies


Lillian Trasher and Lady On a Donkey
These books are incredible. Lillian Trasher's story took place in the early 1900's. This is the story of a 17-year old artist who got a life-changing chance. Lillian was aiming to become the artist for a big newspaper, but through divine appointments and God's intervention, she became a missionary instead. Through her determination and living by faith, she founded one of the largest orphanages in Egypt (the place that I am in the book, she has over 700). She trusted God daily for food (they never knew where their next meal would come from--for over 700 people!) and to provide for their every need. Because of her, the gospel poured out of her orphanage, and many of "her" children became missionaries, evangelists, teachers and church planters. It is so Amazing!

Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis
This is another incredible story about a young women just wanting to serve God. After taking a short missions trip to Uganda, Katie knew her life was forever changed. Persevering through countless hardships, Katie sought to serve the Lord by serving the people and children of Africa. She started as a teacher, which then led her to adopting 13 children and organizing a ministry...and she was in her early 20's. Wow. Katie is completely honest about her struggles and her unveiled desire to just love and serve Jesus. She has a sweet, simple trust in her Jesus and it's such an encouraging book to read--even if you're not a girl! :)
Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot
For those of you who may be feeling the need to brush up on inspiring missionary stories, this is a great place to start! This challenging book is the life story of Jim Elliot, put together by his wife Elisabeth Elliot. It's compiled of journal entries, letters and a re-telling of a man so completely sold out to God that nothing else in the world mattered. Jim felt the urge to serve the Lord even from a young age, and literally spent his entire (short) life in complete 100% dedication to the Lord. His perseverance, humility, and courage to take the gospel of his Savior into a world of sin cost him his life--but reaped an incredible (unbelievable) harvest. 

Visions Beyond the Veil by H. A. Baker
This book has made me cry. Several times. In the best way possible. Although it was written years ago, it is such an incredible testimony of how God still works and how he loves to reveal himself even to children! It's about a group of children living in China (mostly beggars and orphans) in the care of H.A. Baker and his wife (missionaries). After the children (of their own accord) spent hours praying in repentance for their sins, God poured his spirit in such a way that the children were never the same. The children, from teens to wee little ones, were filled with the true Spirit of God--they experienced Biblically-accurate visions of heaven (having never been taught detailed specifics), hell, Jesus' return, and began going out into their city to preach the gospel to those who are perishing. It is such a sweet, innocent, yet intensely compelling book to share Jesus with the lost. 

Mary Slessor
This is an awesome simple book, sharing the story of a spunky red-head from Scotland. After a difficult childhood, God called Mary to the Mission Fields of Africa where she would work for thirty-nine years in a earnestness to reach the lost. Fighting through sickness, danger from tribes, and discouragement, Mary trusted God above all and was first-hand witness to His salvation to a people group many dared not reach. Mary even became known as the "White Ma" to many tribes...haha! An incredible testimony of God's desire to use those who humbly ask him to, even if we have no "formal training" in seminary or are afraid of public speaking. If we empty ourselves, He will fill us. :)

Amy Carmichael
 Yet another one of my favorite heroines, anything with Amy Carmichael is going to be SO encouraging. Mimosa, Beauty for Ashes, God's Missionary, A Chance to Die, and so many more! Amy was a young, single missionary who served the Lord in India. She opened an Orphanage, and served the children there for 55 years without ceasing. Even amidst her intense bouts with illness, the Lord used her life and letters to bless, encourage, and grow other believers. What an inspiration and true woman of God!

The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun
This is an intense, yet incredible story of how God completely transforms lives and His incredible care for those who fear Him. Written by Brother Yun, Yun recounts his life of being born into a small village in the Henan Province of China. God set him apart at a young age to preach the gospel, encourage, challenge, and testify of the power of God. Yun is one of the leaders in China's ring of house churches, and despite countless sentences in prison (some of which God worked incredible escapes!!), hours of extreme torture, Yun never rejected nor renounced his precious Savior. Jesus never left his side, providing "Strength for today" and always at just the right times. Throughout every single day and every single trial, all Yun wants (and STILL wants) is Jesus Himself. I can't tell you how convicted of complacency and urgency for souls I felt after reading this. It is a serious, but needed reminder of how Mighty our God is and how worthy He is of everything we can ever give!!

 *****I will say that parts of this book are very intense (Yun is honest in some descriptions, and because believing contrary to the "Structured Chinese Church" is illegal, there are severe consequences). There are some excellent, simple editions of this book, great for younger readers! I would really encourage you to take the time to find them! :)*****

Other Recommended Missionaries:
- George Mueller
-Mary Slessor
-Jim Elliot
-Nate Saint
-Brother Andrew
-Eric Liddel
-Isobel Kuhn

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